Simply beautiful photography for your home or workplace

The Natural World

"I try to capture images of our natural world at all levels – the huge, the tiny, the complex, the simple and above all the “wow”.  I never cease to be amazed at how well-organised our natural world is and how its colours, shapes and structures all have a purpose or a reason for being so.  Perhaps this is where my scientific and artistic minds meet!"

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The Physical World

"I have long been struck by the paradoxical capacity of our species to destroy and beautify its environment at the same time.  When it comes to the built environment, architects have for centuries managed to create forms with aesthetic qualities which far exceed the demands of function - at least some of the time.  I find the juxtaposition of forms provides interesting opportunities for photography - the old and the new together, the integration of the physical and natural worlds or the variety of colours emerging from the clustering of forms."

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“Some people are glamorous, some are famous - but all of us can be interesting.  I love to capture moments when people are either “doing” or “expressing” or both.  I tend to avoid posed shots which I feel often fail to portray the real person as we know them in day to day life.  Travelling allows me to observe people of different cultures with their own characteristic responses to situations.  Photographing people often tends to benefit from the use of monochrome where it is the character of the person which is the real focus of the picture rather than the colour of the main subject or surrounds.”

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